zubi_book  OUR STORY

We are a multicultural agency with insightful perspectives about the past, present and future life of Hispanics in the US. We believe that stereotypes are for the lazy minded. The truth is far richer and more interesting than the oversimplified idea of a whole culture. Our very foundation and essence erase many stereotypes all at once. Who held the eraser? Tere Zubizarreta: a Cuban, a woman, a rock star who in the 70’s had the vision to open the doors of Zubi Advertising.

zubi_baloon  ZUBI LIFE

There’s always a wide range of challenges for Zubians to play and develop professionally and personally. There’s also a 360º view rooftop, comfy lounges, Zubicycles, dogs, balloons, and a team-oriented culture that comes together every day to strive for innovation and success.

zubi_magnify  ARE YOU ZUBI MATERIAL?

We’re constantly looking for talented professionals who push their work to high competitive standards and are as passionate about advertising as they are of tequeños. Zubi is a growing agency, and when the right opportunity presents itself, we want to have your name at the top of our list.

    If you don't see an opening that matches your background and experience, just send us your resume.
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